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28-Day Programme

The Clifton Rehab Clinic has brought together a dynamic and clinically excellent recovery programme to treat alcohol and drug addictions at our UK based rehab clinic.

Our treatment programmes address the underlying causes of the addiction.

Rehab Accommodation

Whilst undergoing addiction treatment our clients are accommodated in self contained apartments that are beautifully furnished and maintained ensuring complete privacy and comfort. The apartments are fully serviced and maintained.

Health and Wellbeing

At The Clifton Clinic we believe your body is just as important as your mind, so we have developed a health and wellbeing programme to run alongside your therapeutic programme at our private rehab clinic.

Why Are We Different?

We are different because we offer clients the unique opportunity to recover from life destroying drug addiction or alcoholism whilst gaining the tools to live clean and sober in the real world.

Before seeking alcohol or drug rehab treatment and entering the clinic clients may have tried many methods to stop drinking or using drugs, including changing their environment, moving house, changing jobs, friends or spouses, all that is gained is a temporary reprieve because nothing internal has changed.

The treatment programme at our rehab clinic also places major emphasis on health and well-being and includes diet, exercise and nutritional coaching alongside drug or alcohol counselling.

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